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clean room hat:Introduction of disposable protective clothing for farms

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clean room hat:Introduction of disposable protective clothing for farms



Disposable protective clothing for farms, also known as anatomical clothing, isolation clothing, dust-proof clothing and visiting clothing.


Protective clothing is composed of hat, coat, trousers and shoe cover. The colors are generally white, blue and green.

Structural features

1. The materials of protective clothing include PE, PP, SS, SF, single layer or double layer; Breathable and moisture permeable, it can block the penetration of fine dust and liquid.

2. The face of the hat has elastic band, which can better make the hat close to the face, and the waist has elastic band, which makes the protective clothing closer to the body, comfortable and beautiful. The top has a zipper at the chest, which is convenient to wear and take off.

3. It has the function of blocking blood, dust, droplets and droplets, and can reduce the transmission probability of dust, bacteria and viruses to farmers.

4. The possibility of virus transmission to animals through isolation is reduced.

usage method

The wearing method of protective clothing is to unfold the protective clothing, open the zipper, extend into the legs in turn from the zipper opening, then wear the coat, extend the hand from the sleeve, wear the head cover, pull the zipper from the front of the chest, press it reversely, and put on the shoe cover.

Functional application

It is mainly used for customers visiting animal breeding places such as epidemic prevention and quarantine, food clenbuterol detection, pesticide animal husbandry, isolation and treatment of infectious diseases, laboratory reagent experiment, pig farm and cattle farm.

Disposable protective clothing is a disposable article, which is generally incinerated after use.



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