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clean room garments factory:Standard whole process of wearing and taking off protective clothing

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clean room garments factory:Standard whole process of wearing and taking off protective clothing


In the face of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, it is crucial to do a good job in all kinds of effective protection. How to correctly wear and take off protective articles to ensure that they will not be infected or infect others? How to solve the problem of fogging when wearing goggles? Xiaobian takes you to understand!

Wearing and taking off of protective clothing


01 hand disinfection

02 wear disposable hat

03 wear a mask

04 check gloves for air leakage

05 wear inner disposable latex gloves

06 wear goggles

07 wear protective clothing

(note that the cuffs of protective clothing cover the inner latex gloves)

08 check gloves for air leakage

09 wear outer disposable latex gloves

(pay attention to wrap the sleeves of protective clothing)

10 wear disposable Boot Covers

11 lift your hands up and check for skin exposure

Or damaged protective clothing

How to take it off?

be careful!

Unload in buffer

01 hand disinfection

02 take off protective clothing and outer gloves and boot covers

03 hand disinfection

04 remove the goggles

05 hand disinfection

06 remove the mask

(hands not touching face)

07 hand disinfection

08 take off disposable hat

09 hand disinfection

10 remove the inner gloves

11 hand disinfection

(the waste materials shall be placed inside out and sealed in a special garbage bag)

★ the above is the wearing and taking off sequence of ear protection goggles. If head protection goggles are used, wear protective clothing and outer gloves before wearing goggles. When taking off, take off the goggles first and then take off the protective clothing. Other procedures are consistent with ear protection goggles.

6 anti fog methods for goggles

1. Apply antibacterial hand sanitizer. (Note: soapy detergents can also be used, such as detergent, shower gel, etc.) Apply hand sanitizer evenly on the inner surface of goggles, then rinse with water and shake dry.

2. Apply antifogging paste. (antifogging cream is available in the larger glasses Department and Hospital glasses Department.) Squeeze an appropriate amount of antifogging cream and apply it evenly on the inside and outside of the lens. After waiting for a moment (about 30s), gently wipe the lens with a clean soft cloth or paper towel.

3. Iodophor is used skillfully to prevent fog. (the clinical concentration of iodophor solution is 0.45% ~ 0.55% effective iodine, which can be used for disinfection of skin and mucosa before operation and injection.) Pour the iodophor solution on the inner surface of the goggles, spread it evenly, pour out the excess liquid on the mirror, and wait for 5 minutes before drying.

Tip: iodophor is an irritant liquid. When using it, be sure to wait until the mirror is completely dry to avoid splashing liquid into the eye and stimulating the cornea.

4. Anti fog spray for automobile glass. The glass water needs to be diluted with purified water and sprayed on the mirror to make the mirror have a layer of hydrophilic transparent film to prevent fogging.

5. Special antifogging agent for swimming goggles. Drop 1-2 drops of antifogging agent on the inner surface of the lenses on both sides of the goggles, wipe it evenly, and then place it flat for 2-3 minutes. After drying, it can be worn.

6. Paper towel anti fog tips. Take a paper towel, unfold it, fold it into a long strip and put it on the pressure strip of the mask. After wearing the mask, the pressure strip presses the paper towel close to the bridge of the nose, which can block the gas and avoid the fog of goggles caused by breathing.



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